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There are as many potential investments in a basic asset as there are different types of financing. Some of these programs stand out due to their complexity and uniqueness.

Financing of photovoltaic power plants

In cooperation with commercial banks, we find a solution for financing investments in photovoltaic power plants at your facilities.

In addition to the return of the investment within 3 years at current prices and savings - there is the potential for further income.

Our partners have extensive experience behind them and a rich list of references.

You can find out more about everything about the increasingly popular topic of solar by clicking on

Refinancing of existing obligations

After the end of the investment in the fixed asset, market conditions change.

There is a certain possibility of saving on financing costs through refinancing with more favorable interest rates.

At the same time, there is the possibility of approving a third-party guarantee and releasing the collateral in the loan.


In part or in full. 

In order to find out to what extent the repayment burden can be reduced, please contact us by calling, e-mailing or using our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Financing of business with tourist vessels

The Adriatic Sea is synonymous with nautical tourism. How to stay at one of  cruisers, as well as in yacht charter.

We are available for all services related to the financing of your business in this branch.

We will find financing with the most favorable terms of interest rate, participation, insurance and optimal execution time.

And for all other specific advice on all aspects of nautical charter business, our partner is here

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